Portable Steel Storage Box with Password

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Product Description

An easily portable , 1mm cold rolled steel strong box for storing your jewelry, valuables or guns both at home, office or in your car.

Safe guard your standard sized pistol, ammunition, cash, passport, jewelry and other valuables in this Compact Combination Lockbox by Stalwart. This lockbox features a sold steel construction in a compact lightweight design for easy portability. This is the perfect lockbox to keep guns out of the wrong hands and valuables out of sight. Simply enter your own code to unlock the lockbox. Included is a 1500 pound tested self-locking security cable to secure your lockbox to any stationary object. A thick protective foam interior will protect your most valuable possessions in the event of a disaster, theft or invasion of your home or office.


  • 1. small size, the length is less than the width of A4 paper, the thickness of only half of the bank card
  • 2. durable, 1mm cold-rolled steel, to ensure that the hardness of the box , to deal with the violent destruction capability
  • 3. unlock mode: unlock password
  • 4. The spray quality, giving you the perfect touch experience and visual experience

Product parameters:

  • 1. The outer dimensions: length 241 * W 165 * H 44.5 mm;

Its an essential strongbox to keep your valuables safe and its password protected.


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