What You Can Put In Her Vagina

Men always wonder what can go into a woman. After all we’ve seen the sex tapes, porn and stripper shows where almost anything goes in.
Your main concern when considering items other than fingers and penises is using objects with a smooth, nonporous surface, no sharp edges, no irritants and nothing that would degrade a condom.

A penis

It’s only natural that penises are meant to go inside vaginas. Just make sure she’s ready for it.

Foreplay is essential for easing it in. Remember to put a condom on to avoid STIs and unwanted pregnancies; preferably a non-flavoured one.


You’ve probably already had these in there as they feel pretty good. Meet your nails clean, short with sharp corners filed away and kept clean.

You can also wear latex gloves but remember to add some lube.


There are lots of stories, do’s and don’ts about lube. Oil-based lubes are OK but are harder to clean and this is bad for Vs. Synthetic oil-based lubes have been proven to cause vaginal infections in some. Natural oils may be safer. However, if you’re using latex/polyisoprene condoms for STI and pregnancy protection you’ll be at risk as they tear them.

You can find some recommended lubes here.

Sex toys

Seems everyone is making one nowadays. They’re essential to a good sex life but not all of them are safe.

Sex toy materials are a complex and wide-ranging topic. The safest materials are the ones that are considered chemically stable and don’t harbor bacteria and fungi in the pores. This includes silicone, body-safe metal alloys like titanium, aluminum blends, stainless steel, glass and properly sealed ceramic and wood. *make sure they’re smoothed out and lube them if necessary.

There are actually no regulations for sex toy materials, so be wary of claims of “FDA-approved” toys.

Bananas, squash, cucumbers…

Farmers apply all kinds of chemicals in the farm. Even if you wash them they’ll still have remnants and bad pH go her pussy. The safest way to play with these if you have to is to put a condom on them. That way, you avoid risks attached to bacteria, irritation or pH imbalances.

Make sure they’re big enough to pull out and do not under any circumstances peel the bananas.

NOTE: It’s not nice to abuse the vaginas with random items. It’s not a TRASHCAN and not everyone can take bottles and pepper.
Whatever you do make sure it’s consensual.

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