SnapPower Charger: What You Need

So you’re at home watching a movie on your TV, the Hometheatre is booming- giving you the
best surround sound and you’re effortlessly chatting on your phone.

Then the unexpected
happens… The movie hits a climax and the Tweets get more interesting. But Houston we have a
problem. Your phone is going off!! You need to make a choice. You could throw your friends under the bus, watch the movie with the hometheatre off or forget it altogether.

Tough choice, right? It doesn’t need to be. Thanks to the SnapPower Charger coverplate. The SnapPower
Charger adds utility to your existing power outlet. Its a USB fitted coverplate that’s a gift to mankind. Unlike other USB sockets that replace one of your sockets with USB ports, the SnapPower Charger cover adds a USB port to them. Its simple and elegant and will blend with your existing wall decor. The cover is designed to fit onto your existing power outlet with ease.

You don’t need to replace the receptacle and rewire. All you need to do is pull out the existing cover and replace it with the new one. And yes, you read that right. You only need to place the snappower charger over the existing power outlet and screw it in place. No nerdy stuff or geeky
wire cutting skills needed. The SnapPower Charger draws power from the screws in the socket
using its ‘power prongs.’ The single USB port sits at the bottom-right of the cover plate. The port
provides 1 Amp that’s enough to charge all of your devices. Its a smartly designed device with
easy installaton and no clutter. You no longer need the bulky chargers that at times have bottom facing ports that make a 2nd plug a hard fit. For those with the fear of being toasted by a live
wire (God knows I’m one), this could be the closest we get to fixing a socket.

The SnapPower charger is compatible with the standard duples and decor outlets. These have exposed screw terminals from which the prongs get their power regardless of when it was
manufactured or who made it. Its however won’t work with the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets which don’t have the screw terminals.

It comes in 3 colours; white, light almond and ivory.

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