Top Everyday Carry Essentials

It may be your well worn wallet you always keep handy, or a charging cable that you always carry around; whatever item you carry with you on a regular basis is your everyday carry.

Everyone has their EDC. It may not be perfect but these are items that you find useful on the go. Some are awkward to carry around and some are sleek and easy to carry around. Sometimes you have to leave some things that you may find useful behind. A good EDC set should pack all you need into something that you can take with you.

If you’re looking to upgrade your own daily carry, or inspiration for what you should get; take a scroll through our comprehensive list of the best EDC items for men.

1. Wallet

Hardly anything a man buys get more love and mileage than a decent wallet. A wallet should park your IDs, notes, bank cards and pocket change. They come in a variety of designs and sizes that best suit your style and needs.

A grown man should avid the velcro at any cost. We’ve got some awesome wallets for men that you can pick up.

2. Keychain

A good keychain should be functional and act as an accessory. Some keychains only serve to keep your keys safe. Others have assorted functions and can act as smart tools.

when choosing a keychain make sure it makes loosing your keys difficult then you can consider other factors such as aesthetics and functionality.

3. Pocket Knife

Simply put, you do need a pocket knife. Always be ready for whatever, whenever… wherever. For some people carrying a knife is an acquired taste. I’ve carried a knife since I was a boy-scout. Trust me, it will come in handy.

See this as your little helper when you need a quick tool; an emergency first aid kit since you cant carry a full kit on your person; a survival tool; a self defense tool and much more. We cant stress on the need to have a good quality knife, one that will not only serve the purpose but be with you through time.

4. Multitool

These easy to carry tools can take on whatever tasks are thrown your way.

They’re compact and some are even the size of credit cards. Have one with you and never feel helpless when a situation arises.

5. Dopp Kit


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