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  • What You Can Put In Her Vagina

    Men always wonder what can go into a woman. After all we’ve seen the sex tapes, porn and stripper shows where almost anything goes in. Your main concern when considering items other than fingers and penises is using objects with a smooth, nonporous surface, no sharp edges, no irritants and nothing that would degrade a […]

  • SnapPower Charger: What You Need

    So you’re at home watching a movie on your TV, the Hometheatre is booming- giving you the best surround sound and you’re effortlessly chatting on your phone. Then the unexpected happens… The movie hits a climax and the Tweets get more interesting. But Houston we have a problem. Your phone is going off!! You need […]

  • Top Everyday Carry Essentials

    It may be your well worn wallet you always keep handy, or a charging cable that you always carry around; whatever item you carry with you on a regular basis is your everyday carry. Everyone has their EDC. It may not be perfect but these are items that you find useful on the go. Some […]

  • Best Apps to Learn a New Language

    Memrise If learning a new language scares you then this is the app for you. Memrise makes learning a new language fun. The logic is that you’re likely to develop lasting skills faster if you enjoy learning. The app mixes real-life content with language learning. There are lots of languages to choose from and an […]

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